Rhinestone FAQ

How does it work?

In order to help our customers meet meet their bling needs on a budget, we are giving you the option of supplying your own item of clothing or accessory. After you have the item you want to be rhinestoned, choose from one of the options available on our site or get in touch with us to discuss your idea. We will then arrange a time and place to pick up your item up, and leave the rest to us! We will keep in contact with you throughout the process, and when your item is all ready to go we will arrange where you can pick up your item from.

How long will it take?

The length of time is takes is dependent upon the complexity of the design. We will aim to have your item ready within two weeks of picking up your item.

What if I don’t have an item?

We will occasionally have a selection of accessories in-house that you can also choose from. Please contact us for more information.

Why can you not buy my item for me?

As we know, there are so many shapes and styles of clothing that finding something that fits right is sometimes a challenging task. For this reason, we feel taking customer supplied items ensures you are customizing something you already know already fits and feels right. It also allows for you to buy something within your own style and budget, and then let us make it unique!

What will it cost to get something rhinestoned?

Price will vary depending on several factors: the type of rhinestone, size, complexity of design etc. We have a pricing chart here, and if you still have questions you can make inquires through this contact form or by emailing info@pastelpole.com.

When do I pay?

A minimum of half the total price needs to be paid before we pick up your item, and the balance needs to be paid on the same day you receive your item.

Can I have a discount?

We are a micro business and do everything by hand. We have tried to keep our prices in line with the quality of our work and so we will not offer discounts (so please don’t ask). The only exception to this is for SWers, who can avail of a 10% discount by simply stating ‘SKRIP’ in your communication with us. This information will be only be used to apply the discount and promptly deleted there after.

What are the rhinestones made of?

Most rhinestones are made of either resin or glass. We do not use fancy stones like swarovski to keep the cost down for both us and you! Click here for an example of the different rhinestones we use.

How are the rhinestones applied?

Each rhinestone will be individually glued to your item. We do not use hotfix or heat activated transfers as they run the risk of burning or melting your item.

How should I wash my item?

In short – as little as possible! Any showgirl will tell you, because of the cost and amount of work that goes into our costumes, you should wash them as little as possible. However, sometimes a wash is unavoidable and so the best way to keep your rhinestoned item in top condition is to hand wash in cold water. More details on washing will be sent to you after confirming your order.

What if some of the rhinestones fall off?

While we use the best quality adhesive and put a lot of love into your item, there may sometimes be a rogue rhinestone or two. This is especially true of pole costumes, we put them through some solid wear and tear! While we don’t expect this to be a big issue, if there are some rhinestones that fall off within in the first six months you can contact us and we can see if refills are possible.

Can you post me my item?

We currently do not post items.

What if something goes wrong in the rhinestone process?

While we will take the upmost care of your item, unfortunately sometimes something may go wrong during the rhinestone process. This is why the customer must sign a waiver form before we receive their item, and we do not offer refunds or replacements.

We will have  tried to be as comprehensive as possible in this FAQ but if there is something we have missed or you want to know about, feel free to contact us here.